LED Display

LED Display - Introduction
Outdoor/Indoor full color display, in order to gain the images and texts clear, vivid and consistent into all one's chip, the entire screen of RGB LED outdoor display screen within the 100 square meters at the same level, such as the same brightness (± 20% ) and the same wavelength (± 2.5nm). In order to facilitate our customers, our display systems use USB interface as the storage medium, and its video storage of your promotion.

 Display module board features
- The material is PCB / FPC in a transparent plastic waterproof protected effective can be achieved.
- It can be designed by computer for animation display or easy operation.
- The module Anti-sets will be resistance to a high degree of persistence.
- A current-driven design can reduce the temperature rise resulting from brightness variations.
- It is acceptable for the customer design sizes.
- Modular high performance and high-power power supply.
- In line with International Electrotechnical Commission IEC529 standard IP65 protection grade