Smart LED Chasing Strip

Smart LED Chasing Strip

1.The LED Chasing Strip (AP-101B) is kind of flexible tapes or display series use the special CPU, high illuminated LED(RGB) as light material and band them into a single package that CPU and LED chips are under a very strong and reliable protection. There are no need external components in this structure.

2.This allows you to create large light surface in a highly flexible and creative way without any worry in damage the products when band them for a wave or curves. You can shape the led light into any form and sizes such as the article lights, geometric shapes, fonts, digital display screen etc.

LED Specifications

Size 12mm 3m/loop
Style of LED Indoor / Outdoor
Operating temperature - 20°c to 50°c
Color 1677216 colors
Viewing angle 120°
Life time 30kh
Input voltage DC5V
Resisting level IP65
Pixel 72